Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rage against stupidity
I am SO tired of ignorant people.  I have had the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with not one, not two, but FOUR useless people today.  Jim and I are scheduled to fly to New Orleans tomorrow.  They booked our trips, but it was up to us to call about our seats on the plane.  So we did that today.  We talked to two different people from two different airlines that told us the same thing: "Your seats aren't assigned, but we can't do that.  It has to be done when you check in at the airport."  So what is the point of calling customer service about our reservations?  All they can do is tell us we have reservations, and we ALREADY KNOW THAT.  What the hell is the point?  Obviously, I'm a little frustrated, but you would be too if you'd been through this the past THREE times you'd flown.  That's right.  The past THREE times Jim and I have flown together, they've separated our seats-EVEN when we've made sure they were together when we made the reservation.  We've done what the useless people on the phone have told us to do, which is ask the lady at check in to put our seats together.  You know what they tell us?  "We can't get your seats together, all the seats are already assigned."  Our last ditch effort is to ask someone next to one of us to switch seats.  You know what happened last time I did that?  The ASSHOLE said no.  He wouldn't give up his seat to a woman with a baby.  Heaven forbid his fat ass be a little uncomfortable for an hour.

Our second little slice of hell today came from the little hole-in-the-wall establishment where we recently purchased a refrigerator.  Our realtor suggested we find a white fridge to replace the ugly blue one in our kitchen.  I agreed.  We don't have a lot of spare cash right now, so we resorted to buying one from this little po-dunk place in Brookston.  Let me be the first to NOT recommend them to anyone.  Oh, sure, the fridge is nice enough, but getting it here seems to be next to impossible for these people.  It was supposed to be delivered Saturday.  Then they had to change it to yesterday.  Yesterday they called saying it would be today.  I made sure to emphasize to them yesterday that it HAD to come today, because we were going out of town for just short of a week on Wednesday.  So what happens today?  I get a call from the grammar-challenged lady who runs the place, informing us that "the truck was a-knockin" so the guy had to stop deliveries for the day.  With great restraint, I informed her that I had told him yesterday that it HAD to come today, because we were going out of town, and that the delivery had already been rescheduled twice before.  Her response?  "Well...I'm sorry."  GEE THANKS.  That makes is ALL better.  I asked if we found a way to pick it up ourselves, if we could have the $30 back that we gave them to deliver it.  "Um...I don't know about that.  You'd have to ask him."  So I had Jim call him.  He then informed us that he actually wanted to replace a small part in the fridge before he brought it to us. WHY the hell would you sell something to us and tell us it was ready to go if it WASN'T?  

The house is a mess, there's still a lot of packing to do, I'm not ready for the trip tomorrow, and to top it all off, all I got in the mail today was a bunch of junk.  

This is officially the worst day I've had in a long time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

We have a date...
So our official moving date has been set: Friday March 6th.  As long as nothing comes up...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eli's napping
...which means I'm trying to get about 99 things done before he wakes up.  So naturally, I'm online.

I had to go to Wal Mart yesterday for some chocolate and magazines.  Yes, I had to.  I was balancing Eli with my left arm, while simultaneously trying to keep the four items in my right hand away from him.  As I stepped up to the express lane, I noticed the middle-aged man in front of me was pushing a cart with nothing in it.  He had a couple small things in his right hand.  My mind immediately went to work trying to figure out why he had the cart.  "Hmm.  Why would he need to lean on a cart?  He's not overweight...well, too much...I don't see any large items on the bottom...he doesn't seem sick in any way..."  At that point, he put his items down for the cashier.  He had three different types of plantar wart removers and a bottle of pain relievers.


Packing, schmacking
I'm already getting tired of packing, and I've barely scratched the surface.  Seriously, who wants to come over and help?  I'll feed you...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Detox, day 7
I'm one week into my cleanse.  I haven't noticed any weird side effects, although I did accidentally wear my pink house slippers to Walmart today.  Oops.  I weighed myself just for the heck of it this afternoon and I seem to have lost about three pounds.  Weight loss wasn't my goal, but I certainly don't mind.  I'm not surprised.  Let's just say the fiber is doing its job.

Cowboy Bebop
There are a few anime series I own.  I'm thinking of watching them all through again.  I've been feeling the urge to get back into my sketching, and anime was my obsession of choice.  I feel like I've lost a bit of who I was back in the RLP days.  I absolutely love my life now; I just want to incorporate some of the things I enjoyed back then as well.

New Orleans
It's been a while since I've lived in a new, unfamiliar place.  The only time I've experienced that was when I moved to Waterloo, Ontario for two years.  I was petrified at first.  But I had several friends there.  When Jim and I move, we'll only have each other.  And he'll be working a lot.  We're flying down in a couple weeks to find a place to live.  Now that the reality of moving is starting to sink in, I'm getting a little nervous.  I know we'll find a church and make friends.  I just wish we could kidnap a few people and take them with us.  You know who you are.